Food & Libation

Stones Throw’s Pimm’s Cup Housemade Pimm’s & Ginger Beer  9
Dandelion Wine Hidden Legend Winery  6
Champagne Cocktail w/ Bitters & Cava   10
Lillet Blanc Neat, Rocks, or Soda  9
Cocchi Aperitivo Americano Neat, Rocks, or Soda  9
Cardamaro Neat, Rocks, or Soda  9
Underberg Herb Bitters  3

Draft Beer

Our draft beers change rather quickly so for an up-to-date list please visit our Facebook page

Stones Throw’s Pimm’s Cup Housemade Pimm’s & Ginger Beer  9
Dandelion Wine Hidden Legend Winery  6
Champagne Cocktail w/ Bitters & Cava   9
Lillet Blanc Neat, Rocks, or Soda  9
Cocchi Aperitivo Americano Neat, Rocks, or Soda  9
Cardamaro Neat, Rocks, or Soda  9
Underberg Herb Bitters  3

Draft Wines
glass/half bottle/full bottle

Grüner Veltliner 2013 Biohof Pratsch Niederosterreich, Austria 10/20/40

Sauvignon Blanc 2013 Martella  Monterey, CA  8/16/32

Grenache/Syrah/Mourvèdre 2012 Preston  Dry Creek, CA  9/18/36

Carignan/Valdiguie 2013 Broc ‘Love Red p.2’  California  11/22/44

Pinot Noir 2013 Lioco ‘Ensenada’  Sonoma, CA  12/24/48

Cabernet Franc 2012 Virage  Carneros, CA  11/22/44

 Crémant de Bourgogne   
Val de Mer Brut Nature Rosé  Bourgogne, France  14/54
The second label of Chablis producer Patrick Piuze, words can’t begin to describe the quality of these humble bourgogne bubbles.  Strawberry short cake with a dollop of fresh whipped cream may be a good start.
Strawberry, lemon curd,minerals.

Gaston Chiquet ‘Tradition’ NV Brut Dizy, France 37 (375ml)
A wonderfully expressive champers with beautiful aromatics, lip smacking acidity, and the immediate urge to ask how in fact do grapes and yeast create such a fantastic tipple.  Ocean spray, white peach, juicy.

Sparkling Mead
Heidrun Meadery ‘Alfalfa & Clover Blossom’ Point Reyes, CA  12/38
Sure to make your head spin, this DRY mead made with alfalfa & clover blossom honey, fermented until bone dry, will give you a whole new appreciation for this
old/new libation.  Floral, citrus, bright.


Crisp & Refreshing

Melon de Bourgogne
2013 Branger ‘Le Fils des Gras Moutons’  Muscadet,France  9/34
Muscadet should be on everyone’s short list for all around thirst quenching, porch pounding, crushable wines.  Always a cheap and cheerful libation.
Fresh, tangy, citrus.

Uni Blanc/Colombard/Gros Manseng
2013 Domaine du Tariquet ‘Classic’  Côtes de Gascogne, France 8/30
Not only does this wine have a wonderful, mouth filling acidity, the fruit is equally as impressive, seriously, this wine is an absolute delight in every way.
Tropical fruit, citrus, thirst quenching.

Aromatic & Lush

Ribolla Gialla
2013 Sodevo  Venezia Giulia, Italy 13/50
A grape long used to make funky orange wines, this Ribolla Gialla, however, is all about fresh fruit, high minerality, and easy drinkability.  Few wines satisfy as well as this one, a long, beautiful finish awaits you on each and every sip.
Orange zest, ripe pear, juicy.

Pinot Grigio
2013 J. Hofstatter Alto Adige, Italy  12/46
What can I say, I’m man enough to order AND drink Pinot Grigio no matter how much damage Olive Garden has done to this grape.  Like all things, it requires someone to make an excellent product and people willing to buy it in order to make any real change.  The quality is here, now buy a glass & help me get PG’s balls back.
Pear, spice, silk.

Chubby & Satisfying

2013 Broc Cellars ‘Brea’  Central Coast, California 12/46
Easy drinking chardonnay here, nothing but excellent, clean flavors of juicy apricots and sweet spice, no oak getting in the way, satisfying and delicious.

2012 K. Ruprecht ‘Kallstadter Steinacker’ Kab. Halbtrocken, Pfalz, GER. 12/46
A purist’s riesling if there ever was one.  Unadulterated from vine to bottle, native yeast ferments, old, large oak casks, nothing added, nothing taken away, a wonderful, pure expression of Pfalz terroir.  Minerals, grapefruit, flowers.


Pinot Noir
2014 Copain ‘Tous Ensemble Rosé’  North Coast, California 11/42
Much anticipation is given to this pretty, pink wine each and every vintage.  Always a crowd pleasing wine that over delivers on ever level.  Too bad it sells out within weeks of release, I guess that means you’ll be having another glass, no?
Red berry, soft, floral.


Bright & Juicy

2013 Valle dell’Acate ‘Il Frappato’  Vittoria Italy  11/42
Since Sicily is all the rage these days we thought it would be nice to start getting everyone familiar with an indigenous grape that is so very pleasing to drink and will certainly become a new favorite, a go-to that never fails.
Sour red cherry, white flowers, red licorice.

Layered & Rich

2012 Dashe  Dry Creek Valley, California  13/50
You can’t go wrong with a glass of Dashe Zin.  Consistently regarded as one of the finer producers of Zin in Sonoma County, a benchmark in style, always a delicious option when drinking local.  Raspberry, cassis, lavender.

Syrah/Grenache/Petite Sirah
2013 Stolpman Vineyards ‘La Cuadrilla’ Santa Ynez, California  12/46
Not only is this an excellent blend from one of California’s premier Syrah growing producers and regions but this wine is actually made by the workers who tend the vines, harvest the fruit, the people who actually do the real work.  Oh, and the also get a cut of the sales, too, so drink up!  Baking spice, leather, solid.

Cabernet Sauvignon
2012 Enkidu ‘E’  Sonoma County, California  14/54
The problem with warmer climate wines is the lack of acidity, the oh-so-important component that gives the wine a refreshing lift.  Enkidu has managed to do just that, making a wine that gives your salivary glands enough action to keep things interesting.  Blackberry, ripe plum, brown spice.

Earthy & Dry

Cabernet Franc
2012 Le Rocher des Violettes  Touraine, France  14/54
Cabernet Franc from the Loire Valley is notorious for its leafy, bell pepper, green aromatics and flavors, people either love it or hate it, we’re of the latter.  More generous, supple, and fruit driven but all grip on the finish.

2012 Mossio ‘Piano delli Perdoni’  Dolcetto d’Alba, Italy  13/50
You would be deceived if you took the literal translation of Dolcetto, little sweet one, and thought you could crush this tutti-frutti in one gulp.  This wine is powerful, bold, structured, and ready for whatever food you throw its way.
Blackberries, bitter-sweet chocolate, minerals.

Bottle Beers

Fruit & Honey

Flame Moonlight Meadery 13.9% 21
Semi-Sweet Mead w/ Rhubarb  Londonderry, New Hampshire (375ml)

Kurt’s Apple Pie Moonlight Meadery 16.8% 21
Sweet Mead w/ Apples & Vanilla  Londonderry, New Hampshire (375ml)

Dry-Hopped Cider Finnriver Cider 6.5% 15
Hoppy Cider  Chimacum, Washington  (500ml)

Sparkling Black Currant Cider Finnriver Cider 6.5% 15
Cider w/ Black Currant  Chimacum, Washington  (500ml)

Bite Hard Cider  Boonville Cider House 6.9% 9
Dry Cider  Boonville, California  (500ml can)

Red Apple Zeffer Brewing Company 5% 14
Semi-dry Cider  Matakana, New Zealand  (500ml)

Juicy Pear Cider Zeffer Brewing Company 5% 15
Perry  Matakana, New Zealand  (500ml)  1 left

Alfalfa & Clover Blossom Mead Heidrun Meadery 12.5%  12/38 glass/bottle
Sparkling Dry Mead  Point Reyes Station, California (750ml)

Ledbury Virtue Cider Works 6.5% 21
English-style Cider  Fennville, Michigan  (750ml)

Appely Doux  ÆppelTreow Winery 8% 25
Semi-sweet Cider  Burlington, Wisconsin  (750ml)

Clos Normand Brut Cider  Cidrerie Duché de Longueville 4% 16
French Dry Cider  Anneville-sur-Scie, France (750ml)

Sidro Le Baladin 4.5% 26
Funky Wild Yeast Fermented Cider  Piozzo, Italy  (750ml)

Tepache Especial Argus Cidery 7.2% 25
Wild-fermented Sparkling Pineapple Wine  Austin, Texas (750ml)

Crisp & Quenching

Extra 4 St. Bernardus Brouwerij 4.8%  8
Belgian Single  Watou, Belgium  (330ml)

Crushable de Table Brasserie de la Senne/Tired Hands Brewing Co. 3.2%  11
Belgian Ale  Brussels, Belgium  (330ml)

Hamm’s Premium Hamm’s Brewing 5%  3
Lager   St. Paul, Minnesota  (350ml)

Classique: Post-Prohibition Style Ale Stillwater 4.5% 9
Pale Ale   Baltimore, Maryland (350ml can)

Weihenstephaner Pilsner Bayerische Staatsbrauerei Weihenstephan 5.1% 11
Pilsner  Freising, Germany (500ml)

Landlord Timothy Taylor 4.1%  13
English Bitter  Keighley, England (500ml)

Voku Hila Local Option Bierwerker 6.5%  15
Heller Bock  Chicago, Illinois (500ml)

Fresh, Floral, & Funky

Saison du Meyboom Brasserie de la Senne 4%  11
Saison  Brussels, Belgium (330ml)

Puck the Beer North Coast Brewing Co. 4%  7
Saison  Fort Bragg, California (350ml)  2 left

Sourdough Wild Ale Almanac 6.7% 16
Wild Ale  San Francsico, California (375ml)

Saison Blanc Lost Abbey 6.7% 13
Saison w/ Golden Raisins & White Pepper  San Diego, California (375ml)

Ayinger Bräu-Weisse Brauerei Aying 5.1% 11
Hefeweizen  Aying, Germany (500ml)

Walk Ov Shame Local Option Bierwerker 5.8% 15
Saison  Chicago, Illinois  (500ml)

Higashino Farmhouse Tahoe Mountain Brewing Co. 6% 17
Saison w/ tea leaf, rosehip & pear  Tahoe City, California  (500ml)

Blanche de Namur Brasserie Du Bocq 4.5%  18
Belgian Witbier   Purnode-Yvoir, Belgium  (750ml)

Préaris Saison Vliegende Paard Brouwers  6% 22
Saison  Oedelem, Belgium  (750ml)

Ratchet Siren/Prairie Artisan Ales 6% 28
Saison Aged in Wine Barrels  Finchampstead, England  (750ml)

Cahoots II Uinta Brewing Co. 6% 19
Saison  Salt Lake City, Utah (750ml)

Urban Farmhouse The Commons Brewery 5.3% 20
Saison  Portland, Oregon (750ml)

St. Feuillien Saison Brasserie St-Feuillien 6.5% 22
Saison   Le Roeulx, Belgium  (750ml)

Barrel Aged Farmhouse Pale Ale-Batch #9 Oxbow Brewing Company 6.5% 30
Barrel Aged Saison w/ Brett   Newcastle, Maine  (750ml)

Cynthiana Saint Somewhere Brewing Co. 8% 26
Saison w/ Grapes & Hops  Tarpon Springs, Florida (750ml)

Stefon Perennial / Solemn Oath 7.1% 23
Saison  St. Louis, Missouri (750ml)

Fantôme Boo! Brasserie Fantôme 8% 28
Saison  Soy-Erezée, Belgium (750ml)

Fantôme dÉté Brasserie Fantôme 8% 26
Tart Saison  Soy-Erezée, Belgium (750ml)

Fantôme Brise-BonBons! Brasserie Fantôme 8% 26
Bitter Saison  Soy-Erezée, Belgium (750ml)

Bold & Belgian

Achel 8 Bruin  Brouwerij der Trappistenabdij De Achelse Kluis 8%  13
Belgian Bruin  Hamont-Achel, Belgium  (330ml)

Pauwel Kwak Brouwerij Bosteels 8%  13
Belgian Strong Ale   Buggenhout, Belgium (330ml)

Westmalle Tripel Brouwerij der Trappisten van Westmalle 9.5%  13
Belgian Triple   Malle, Belgium (330ml)

Val-Dieu Tripel Brasserie de l’Abbaye du Val-Dieu 9%  12
Belgian Triple   Aubel, Belgium  (330ml)

Gouden Carolus Tripel Brouwerij Het Anker 9%  11
Belgian Triple  Mechelen, Belgium (330ml)

Cask Aged Tripel Rockmill Brewing Co. 10.5%  21
Belgian-style Tripel Aged in Whiskey Barrels  Lancaster, Ohio (375ml)

Brouwerij West 9 Belgian Tripel Brouwerij West 8.5%  13
Belgian-style Triple  Palos Verdes, California  (500ml)

La Trouffette BPA Brasserie de Bastogne 5.6%  22
Belgian Pale Ale  Sibret, Belgium (750ml)

Artist No. 1: Gaelle Boulanger Brasserie Fantôme 8%  35
Strange Yet Delicious Beer   Soy-Erezée, Belgium (750ml)

Gift of the Magi The Lost Abbey 10% 23
Belgian-style Strong Ale  San Marcos, California (750ml)

Magnificat Monkish Brewing Co. 10.1% 23
Belgian-style Strong Dark Ale  Torrance, California (750ml)

Delirium Noël Brouwerij Huyghe 10% 25
Belgian Strong Ale  Melle, Belgium (750ml)

Kerstmutske Christmas Nightcap Brouwerij Slaapmutske 7.4% 21
Belgian Strong Ale  Melle, Belgium  (750ml)

Cuvée Meilleurs Voeux Brasserie Artisanale de Rulles 7.3% 19
Belgian Strong Ale  Rulles, Belgium  (750ml)

Troubadour Magma Brouwerij The Musketeers 9%  17
Belgian Triple IPA  Ursel, Belgium (750ml)

Sour & Sour

Duchesse De Bourgogne Verhaeghe 6.2%  12
Flanders Brown Ale  West-Vlaanderen, Belgium  (330ml)

Echt Kriekenbier Verhaeghe 6.8%  12
Sour Brown w/ Cherries  West-Vlaanderen, Belgium  (330ml)

Blood Orange Gose Anderson Valley Brewing Co. 4.2%  7
Crushable Gose w/ Blood Orange Juice  Boonville, California (350ml can)

Nomader Weisse Evil Twin Brewing 4%  9
Berliner Weisse  Brooklyn, New York  (350ml can)

Hanssens Oude Kriek Hanssens Artisanaal 6%  18
Lambic w/ Cherries  Dworp, Belgium  (375ml)

Farmers Reserve Citrus Almanac Beer Company  7% 16
Sour Ale w/ Buddha’s Hand Citron  San Francisco, California  (375ml)

Zure van Tildonk 2013 No.1 Brouwerij Hof Ten Dormaal  6%  18
Spontaneoussly Fermented Wild Ale   Tildonk, Belgium  (375ml)

Red Poppy 2014 The Lost Abbey 5.5%  25
Sour Brown w/ Cherries   San Diego, California  (375ml)

Cuvee de Tomme 2013 The Lost Abbey 11.5%  26
Sour Brown w/ Sour Cherries   San Diego, California  (375ml)

Geisterzug Gose Rhabarber Freigeist Bierkultur 5%  16
Gose w/ Rhubarb  Stolberg, Germany (500ml)

Haandbakk HaandBryggeriet 8%  19
Sour Brown Ale  Drammen, Norway (500ml)

Salzspeicher Sour Porter – Cherry Freigeist Bierkultur 6%  17
Sour Porter w/ Cherries  Stolberg, Germany (500ml)

1809 Professor Fritz Briem 5%  17
Berliner Weisse   Friesing, Germany  (500ml)

Beersel Mattina Birrificio del Ducato / 3 Fonteinen 6.2%  42
Lambic Blended w/ Saison  Roncole Verdi di Busseto (750ml)

3 Fonteinen Oude Geuze 3 Fonteinen 6%  36
Geuze  Beersel, Belgium (750ml)

Ichigo Highway The Bruery/Hangar 24  5.5%  35
Wild Ale w/ Strawberries   Placentia, California  (750ml)

Blå Spøgelse Mikkeller / Three Floyds  7.7%  48
BA Sour Ale w/ Blueberries  Copenhagen, Denmark  (750ml)

Cascade Gose 2014 Cascade Brewing  7.5%  38
German-style Gose   Portland, Oregon  (750ml)

Cascade The Vine 2012 Cascade Brewing  8.85%  44
Blended Sour Ale w/ White Wine Grapes    Portland, Oregon  (750ml)

Cascade Apricot Ale 2012 Cascade Brewing  8.5%  42
Sour Blond Ale w/ Apricots   Portland, Oregon  (750ml)

Cascade Strawberry Ale 2012 Cascade Brewing  6%  42
Sour Wheat Beer w/ Strawberries   Portland, Oregon  (750ml)

Cascade Black Cap Raspberry 2014 Cascade Brewing  6.55%  44
Sour Ale w/ Raspberries   Portland, Oregon  (750ml)

Cascade Kriek Ale 2012 Cascade Brewing  6.6%  44
Sour Red Ale w/ Cherries  Portland, Oregon  (750ml)

Cerasus Logsdon Organic Farmhouse Ales 8.5%  30
Flanders Style Red Ale w/ Cherries  Hood River, Oregon (750ml)

Panil Barriquée Panil Birra Artigianale 8%  28
Sour Brown Ale   Torrechiara, Italy  (750ml)

Zoetzuur Flemish Reserve Ale De Proefbrouwerij 7%  25
Flanders Sour Ale   Lochristi – Hijfte, Belgium  (750ml)

Das Wunderkind Jester King Brewery 4.5%  27
Sour Ale  Austin, Texas  (750ml)

Malty & Brown

As Follows Stillwater Artisanal 9%  10
Belgian-style Strong Golden Ale  Baltimore, Maryland (330ml)

Scurry Off Color Brewing 5.3%  10
Traditional Ale w/ Molasses & Oats  Chicago, Illinois (350ml)

Agave Maria Lost Abbey 12.5% 32
Tequila Barrel Aged Strong Ale  San Marcos, California (375ml)

Old Speckled Hen Green King 5%  9
Pub Ale Nitro  Bury St. Edmunds, England  (440ml can)

Pickled Santa Ridgeway 6% 13
English Strong Ale  Reading, England (500ml) 1 left

Jacobite Ale  Traquair House 8%  15
Traditional Ale w/ Thistle   Borders, Scotland (500ml)

The Brown Note Against the Grain Brewery 5%  19
Brown Ale  Louisville, Kentucky (650ml)  1 left

The Great, Big Kentucky Sausage Fest Amager/Against the Grain 7.7% 18
Hoppy Imperial Brown Ale  Kastrup, Denmark  (650ml)

C4 Double Coffee Brown Ale 8 Wired Brewing 8% 18
Hoppy Brown Ale w/ Coffee  Blenheim, New Zealand  (500ml)

Saint Archer Coffee Brown Saint Archer Brewing Company 6% 13
Brown Ale w/ Coffee  San Diego, California  (500ml)

Anvil ESB AleSmith Brewing Co. 5.5%  13
Extra Special Bitter  San Diego, California (650ml)

Frelser Mikkeller  11% 27
Triple Bock  Copenhagen, Denmark (750ml)

American Beauty Dogfish Head Brewing Co. 9% 25
American Strong Pale Ale  Milton, Delaware (750ml)

Loakal Red The Bruery 6.9%  25
American Red Ale   Placentia, California  (750ml)

Hoppy & Bitter

Caterpillar Brewfist/Beer Here 5.8%  12
Rye Pale Ale  Codogno, Italy  (330ml)

XX Bitters Brouwerij De Ranke 6.2%  11
Blond Bitter Ale  Dottignies, Belgium (330ml)

Ov-ral To Øl / Mikkeller 10.5%  13
Wild Yeast DIPA  Copenhagen, Denmark (330ml)

Single Hop: Simcoe Mikkeller 8.9%  13
DIPA  Copenhagen, Denmark (330ml)

Habanero Sculpin Ballast Point 7%  9
IPA w/ Habanero Pepper  San Diego, California (350ml)

Why Can’t IBU Stillwater Artisanal 5.7%  9
Hoppy Belgian-style Ale  Baltimore, Maryland (350ml)

Falco Evil Twin 7% 10
IPA  Brooklyn, New York (350ml)

Anniversary 19 Ale Victory Brewing Co. 4.5%  9
Session IPA  Downingtown, Pennsylvania  (350ml)

Suruga Bay Baird Brewing Co. 7.5%  12
DIPA  Shizuoka, Japan  (355ml)

Hop Song Tahoe Mountain Brewing Co. 6.4% 15
IPA  Tahoe City, California (500ml)

Nothing & Nowhere Twisted Manzanita Ales 7%  13
Belgian-style IPA  Santee, California (650ml)

Zymaster Series No. 7: Potrero Hill Sour Mash IPA Anchor Brewing 7%  13
IPA  San Francisco, California (650ml)

Midnight Hoppyness Knee Deep Brewing Co. 9.5%  15
Double Black Rye IPA  Auburn, California (650ml)

AleSmith IPA AleSmith Brewing Co. 7.2%  14
IPA  San Diego, California (650ml)

Skull Wrapper Coronado Brewing Co. 7%  15
IPA  Coronado, California (650ml)

CoHoHo Midnight Sun 8% 17
Imperial IPA  Anchorage, Alaska (650ml)

Intensify Gigantic Brewing Company 8.1%  16
Belgian-style IPA w/ Simcoe Hops  Portland, Oregon (650ml)

Pipe Wrench Gigantic Brewing Company 7.8%  18
IPA Aged in Ransom Old Tom Gin Barrels  Portland, Oregon (650ml)

Femme Fatale Kabosu Evil Twin 6% 18
Brett IPA w/ Kabosu Citrus  Brooklyn, New York (650ml)

Belle-Fleur De Dochter van de Korenaar 6%  22
IPA  Baarle-Hertog, Belgium  (650ml)

White Dog El Segundo Brewing Company 6.5%  14
WIPA (Wheat IPA)  El Segundo, California (650ml)

New Almaden Red Santa Clara Valley Brewing 10%  16
Imperial Red  San Jose, California (650ml)

duganA Avery Brewing Co. 8.5%  15
DIPA  Boulder, Colorado  (650ml)

Valley Surprise Santa Clara Valley Brewing 9%  15
DIPA  San Jose, California  (650ml)

XXX Bitters Brouwerij De Ranke 6%  20
Blond Extra Bitter Ale  Dottignies, Belgium (750ml)

Batch #1000: Bryeian The Bruery 7%  28
Black IPA   Placentia, California  (750ml)

Smokey & Smoldering

Ashtray Heart Evil Twin 8.9% 11
Smoked Stout  Brooklyn, New York (350ml)

Second Hand Smoke Midnight Sun Brewing Co.  8.4%  19
Smoked Imperial Stout  Anchorage, Alaska (650ml)

Smoking Wood – Rye Barrel The Bruery 13%  42
BA Smoked Imperial Rye Porter  Placentia, California  (750ml)

Dark & Safe

Brontide Stillwater Artisanal 5%  9
Schwarzbier   Baltimore, Maryland  (350ml can)

Barney Flats Anderson Valley Brewing Company 5.8%  7
Oatmeal Stout  Boonville, California  (350ml can)

Portage New Belgium Brewing Company 6%  7
Porter  Fort Collins, Colorado (350ml)

Limo Tint Prairie Artisan Ales  4%  11
Sweet Stout  Krebs, Oklahoma (355ml)

Double Chocolate Stout Wells & Young’s 5%  9
English Stout w/ Chocolate Nitro  Bedford, England  (440ml)

St. Ambroise McAuslan Brewing 5%  9
Oatmeal Stout  Montreal, Canada  (500ml can)

Taddy Porter Samuel Smith 5%  11
English Porter  Tadcaster, England  (500ml)

Upright Oyster Stout Upright Brewing Co. 6.5%  22
Traditional Oyster Stout   Portland, Oregon  (750ml)

Wyrt Farmhouse Stout Propolis Brewing 6%  26
Stout w/ Dandelion & Chicory   Port Townsend, Washington  (750ml)

Burly Gourd The Bruery 6.66%  25
Milk Stout w/ Pumpkin  Placentia, California  (750ml)

Chocosaurus Rye The Bruery/Bootlegger’s 7%  25
Dark Rye Lager w/ Cacoa Nibs   Placentia, California  (750ml)

Dark & Dangerous

Pannepot Grand Reserva 2014 De Struise Brouwers 10% 16
Belgian Strong Ale  Oostvleteren, Belgium  (330ml)

Bomba Generation 4 2014 Buxton 10% 13
Imperial Stout  Buxton, England (330ml)

Freudian Slip Evil Twin 10.3% 11
Barley Wine  Brooklyn, New York (350ml)

Apple Brandy Barrel Noir Prairie Artisan Ales 12% 19
Imperial Stout Aged in Apple Brandy Barrels  Krebs, Oklahoma (355ml)

BOMB! Prairie Artisan Ales 13% 18
Imperial Stout w/ Coffee, Cacao, Vanilla & Chili Peppers  Krebs, Oklahoma (355ml)

Older Viscosity Port Brewing 12%  25
Bourbon Barrel Aged American Strong Ale   San Diego, California (375ml)

Santas Little Helper – Bourbon Barrel Port Brewing 10% 25
Imperial Stout Aged in Bourbon Barrels  San Marcos, California (375ml)

Box Set: Track #8 (Number of the Beast) Lost Abbey 13.7%  26
BA Quadruple w/ Raisins & Chilis  San Diego, California  (375ml)

Box Set: Track #10 (Bat out of Hell) Lost Abbey 12%  26
Imperial Stout w/ Coffee & Cacoa Nibs  San Diego, California  (375ml)

Dark Seas BBA Mission Brewery 11.25%  25
Bourbon Barrel Aged Imperial Stout  San Diego, California  (650ml)

iStout 8 Wired Brewing 10.5%  18
Imperial Stout  Blenheim, New Zealand (650ml)

Barrel-Aged Narwhal Sierra Nevada Brewing Co. 12.9%  28
Imperial Stout Aged in Bourbon Barrels   Chico, California (750ml)

Acer Quercus The Bruery/Lawson’s Finest Liquids 9%  35
Strong Ale w/ Maple Syrup & Smoked Malt   Placentia, California  (750ml)

Decadence 2014 AleSmith 10%  28
Wheat Wine Strong Ale   San Diego, California (750ml)

Darkest Hour 2014 Anchorage Brewing Company 13%  29
Barrel Aged Imperial Stout  Anchorage, Alaska (750ml)

A Deal With The Devil Anchorage Brewing Company 17.3%  39
Cognac Barrel Aged Barley Wine  Anchorage, Alaska (750ml)

Deliverance 2014 The Lost Abbey 12.5%   30
Bourbon/Brandy Barrel-Aged Strong Dark Ale   San Diego, California  (375ml)

Old Rasputin XII, XIV, XV North Coast Brewing 11.6%   36, 34, 32
Bourbon Barrel-aged Russian Imperial Stout   Fort Bragg, California  (500ml)

Abbaye de Saint Bon-Chien ‘06/’07/’09/’10/’11/’12
Brasserie Des Franches-Montagnes 11%  55,48,45,47,45,45
Barrel Aged Sour Ale   Saignelégier, Switzerland  (750ml)

Eclipse 2013 – Elijah Craig 12 Year Barrel FiftyFifty Brewing Co.  10% 42
Imperial Stout   Truckee, California  (650ml)

Eclipse 2013 – High West Rye Barrel  FiftyFifty Brewing Co.  10% 42
Imperial Stout   Truckee, California  (650ml)

Eclipse 2013 – High West Bourbon Barrel FiftyFifty Brewing Co.  10% 42
Imperial Stout   Truckee, California  (650ml)

Eclipse 2013 – 18 Year Rum Barrel FiftyFifty Brewing Co.  10% 48
Imperial Stout   Truckee, California  (650ml)

Eclipse 2014 – Four Roses Single Barrel FiftyFifty Brewing Co.  10% 40
Imperial Stout   Truckee, California  (650ml)

Eclipse 2014 – Woodford Reserve Barrel FiftyFifty Brewing Co.  10% 40
Imperial Stout   Truckee, California  (650ml)

Black Damnation I – Black Berry Albert De Struise Brouwers 13%   53
Port BA Imperial Stout w/ Blackberries  Oostvleteren, Belgium  (750ml)

Black Damnation II – Mocha Bomb De Struise Brouwers 12%   51
BA Imperial Stout w/ Coffee  Oostvleteren, Belgium  (750ml)

Black Damnation XII – Nuptiale A2 De Struise Brouwers 13%   53
Rum BA Imperial Stout w/ Peaches  Oostvleteren, Belgium  (750ml)


Iris 2013 Cantillon 5%  45
Lambic  Brussels, Belgium (750ml)

Classic Gueuze 2012 Cantillon 5%  42
Gueuze  Brussels, Belgium (750ml)

Cuvée Saint-Gilloise 2014 Cantillon 5%  47
Lambic  Brussels, Belgium (750ml)

Fou’ Foune 2014 Cantillon 5%  54
Apricot Lambic  Brussels, Belgium (750ml)

Mamouche 2012 Cantillon 5%  50
Elderflower Lambic  Brussels, Belgium (750ml)

Rosé De Gambrinus 2011 Cantillon 5%  27
Raspberry Lambic  Brussels, Belgium (375ml)

Saint Lamvinus 2012 Cantillon 5%  54
Lambic Aged in Bordeaux Barrels w/ Merlot Grapes  Brussels, Belgium (750ml)

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Double Bastard Ale 2011 Stone Brewing Co. 10.5%   140
American Strong Ale   Escondido, California  (3 liter)

Double Bastard Ale 2012 Stone Brewing Co. 11.2%   130
American Strong Ale   Escondido, California  (3 liter)