Food & Libation


Champagne Cocktail – w/ house bitters 10

Pimm’s Cup – Pimm’s No. 1, lemonade, & cava 9

Lillet – neat, rocks, or soda 8

Underberg Herb Bitters3



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Draft Wine

The wave of the wine-drinking future.  Soon to be the standard in by-the-glass consumption.
                                                                                                  glass/half bottle/full bottle

Sauvignon Blanc 2012 Martella  Monterey, CA  7.5/15/30

Chardonnay 2012 Copain  Anderson Valley, CA  12/24/48

Grenache/Syrah/Mourvèdre 2010 Preston  Dry Creek, CA  9/18/36

Barbera/Montepulciano/Aglianico 2012 Tendu by S. Matthiasson  California  10/20/40

Pinot Noir 2012 Tolosa ‘Mission 5’  Edna Valley,CA  11/22/44

Malbec 2010 Terra Rosa  Mendoza, Argentina  10/20/40

Bubbles   glass/bottle

Sparkling Wine
German Gilabert ‘Brut Nature’  11/44
Despite the ocean of plonk Cava being forced down our gullets with each passing Saturday night house party or Sunday brunch, it’s nice to find someone taking the time to craft a Cava that has integrity from cork to punt.
Elegant,concentrated, dry.

Gimonnet NV Brut, Cuis 1er Cru  Champagne, France  37 (375ml)
A fresh expression of Champagne that lifts your palate with a welcoming brightness and lightness, clean flavors with angular definition and fine little baby bubbles to boot!  Almond, Biscuit, Bright Sour Citrus.


Crisp & Refreshing

2013 Garciarevalo ‘Casamaro Blanco’  Rueda, Spain 9/36
Seems like we’re always looking for those dry, tongue titillating whites that not matter where you are, if the suns shining that’s what you’re drinking.  Well, I’d like you to meet your new warm weather porch pounder friend, Señor Verdejo.
Spicy, crisp, minerals.

Melon de Bourgogne
2011 Dom. de la Louvetrie ‘Amphibolite’  Muscadet Sèvre et Maine, FR 10/40
If you’re still crushing Sauvignon Blanc like it’s water and can’t seem to move beyond, this is a perfect segue into the world of white wines to be drunk cold, young, and in quantity.  Lemon, green apple, chiseled.

Aromatic & Lush

2012 Bisci   Verdicchio di Matelica, Italy 12/48
Most verdicchio is anything but stellar.  Quality is hit or miss and rarely gets the respect it deserves.  However, this wine was given all the care and love it needs to be an outstanding representation of the varietal.
Flowers, green apple, minerality.

2012 Holus Bolus  Santa Ynez Valley, California  13/52
An excellent representation of this white Rhône Valley varietal grown in a small area of California well suited for this grape.  Rich and compelling, round and redonkulous, down right tasty.
Vanilla, honey, peach.

Chubby & Satisfying

2012 De Angelis Bianco  Falerio, Italy 9/36
A white blend that’s got a little something for everyone.  Imagine sniffing limes and peaches at the beach,
the salty airengorging your nostrils with your
mouth watering in anticipation.
Key lime, chalk, salt.

2012 Leitz  ‘Dragonstone’ QbA  Rheingau, Germany 13/52
Fan-freaking-tastic!  If you’re not drinking riesling you’re not living life to the fullest.  Whatever you think you know about this grape just forget.  Start over fresh with a glass of Dragonstone, life changing juice if there ever was one.
Kirsch, lime, salt.


2012 Château Coupe Roses ‘Frémillant Rosé’  Minervois, France  9/36
By the color alone you know this rosé is no pushover; this isn’t your moms white zin.  Enough fruit to pique your interest and a perfect mineral backbone to let you know this ain’t no panty peeler…aw-shucks.
Watermelon Jolly Rancher, herbs, crushed stone.


Bright & Juicy

Manto Negro/Callet
2012 Ca Sa Padrina ‘Montenegro Suñer-Bibiloni’  Mallorca, Spain  13/52
And here you thought all Mallorca had going for it were pasty white German tourist and raves, wait raves are on Ibiza, so they don’t even have those, but wine has been found good people and the future is looking brighter, indeed.
Cocoa, toffee, cherry.

Cabernet Franc
2012 Dom. des Champs Fleuris ‘Les Tufolies’  Saumur Champigny, FR  11/44
The aromatics of this wine just jump right out of the glass and slap your face.  An unforgettably, graceful fragrance of crushed white pepper, violets, lilac, and celery.
Floral, bright, deep.

Layered & Rich

Cabernet Sauvignon/Cabernet Franc
2011 Textbook  Napa, California  13/52
The name says it all.  A perfect example of why we pay obscene amounts of
money for grapes grown an hour north of The Tenderloin.
Cigar box, vanilla, spice.

Carménère/Cabernet Sauvignon
2012 Yali ‘Wetland’  Colchagua, Chile  9/36
Chile continues to raise their game with each passing vintage, producing wines with more balance, finesse, dynamic wines, going for less of the kick-you-in-the-balls and trending more towards the over-the-jeans-rub-down.
Cassis, plum, cherry.

Earthy & Dry

2012 De Forville  Langhe, Italy  14/56
Ah, Nebbiolo, what separates the men from the boys.  Not for the faint of heart, a wine that puts the sizzle in your steak and the lead in your pencil.  Typically drunk with a decade or so of bottle age (time helping to tame its beastly nature), this however is young and fresh, a glimpse into what could be.  Menthol, cherry, raspberry.

2011 Natalino del Prete ‘Nataly’  Puglia, Italy  12/48
The perfect crossover wine for people who loves themselves some Cali Zin.  Less dense, more elegant, all the fruit you want without the sappiness or throat scorching alcohol, a finish that’s long, dry, and satisfying.
Violets, plums, candied orange peel.

Bottle Beers

Fruit & Honey

Pear Cider Finnriver Cider 6.5% 15
Lady Beer  Chimacum, Washington  (500ml)  1 left

Olivers Traditional Cider Olivers Cider 5.5% 14
Dry Cider   Ocle Pychard, England (500ml

Sagardo Naturala Sidreria Isastegi 6% 17
Traditional Spanish Cider  Tolosa, Spain  (750ml)

Cidre 2011 Cyril Zangs 5.5% 26
Cider  Normady, France (750ml)

Deliverance Ginger Tonic Reverend Nat’s Hard Cider  6.9% 14
Cider w/ Ginger & Lemongrass  Portland, Oregon (500ml)   1 left

Hallelujah Hopricot Reverend Nat’s Hard Cider  6.5% 14
Hoppy Cider w/ Apricots  Portland, Oregon (500ml)

Elijah K. Swan’s Finnriver Cider 6.5% 16
Cider w/ Cranberry & Rosehip  Chimacum, Washington  (500ml)

Kisses Moonlight Meadery 15.3%  21
Strawberry Mead  Londonderry, New Hampshire (375ml)

Kurt’s Apple Pie Moonlight Meadery 16.8%  19
Cinnamon & Vanilla Mead  Londonderry, New Hampshire (375ml)

California Orange Blossom Sparkling Mead  Heidrun Meadery 12.5%  40
Dry Mead  Point Reyes Station, California (750ml)


Hamm’s Premium Hamm’s Brewing 5%  3
Lager   St. Paul, Minnesota  (350ml)

Schonramer Pils Private Landbrauerei Schönram 5.4% 11
Pilsner   Petting/Schönram, Germany (500ml)

El Celler de Can Roca Mikkeller  5% 12
Pilsner   Copenhagen, Denmark (350ml)

Heater Allen Pils Heater Allen Brewing Co.  5% 15
Pilsner   McMinnville, Oregon (650ml)

Ungespundet Hefetrüb Mahrs Bräu 5.2% 13
Kellerbier   Bamberg, Germany (500ml)

Beersel Blond 3 Fonteinen 7% 11
Blond   Beersel, Belgium (330ml)

Landlord Timothy Taylor 4.1% 13
Bitter   Keighley, England (500ml)

Classique: Post-Prohibition Style Ale Stillwater 4.5% 9
Pale Ale   Baltimore, Maryland (350ml can)

Hipster Ale Evil Twin 5% 9
Pale Ale   Brooklyn, Denmark (350ml can)

Rising Sun Baird Brewing Co. 5.5% 12
Pale Ale   Shizuoka, Japan (355ml)

Siren Nork Peak Brewing Co. 5% 10
Amber Ale   Traverse City, Michigan (350ml)

India  Belmont Brewing Co. 7.5%  13
Amber Ale   Long Beach, California  (650ml)


Renaud Mystic Brewery 6.5% 23
Saison  Chelsea, Massachusetts  (750ml)

Saints Devotion  Lost Abbey  7%  16
Saison w/ Brett   San Marcos, California  (375ml)

Lips of Faith – Gruit  New Belgium Brewing Co. 6.6%  17
Gruit w/ Horehound, Bog Myrtle, & Wormwood  Fort Collins, Colorado  (650ml)

Seizoen Logsdon Organic Farmhouse Ales 7.5% 23
Organic Saison   Hood River, Oregon  (750ml)

Vieille Artisanal Crooked Stave 4.2% 16
Barrel Aged Saison  Denver, Colorado  (375ml)

Vieille Artisanal Cranberry & Spice Crooked Stave 4.2% 18
Barrel Aged Saison w/ Nutmeg, Hibiscus, & Cinnamon  Denver, Colorado  (375ml)

Bliss Wild Beer 6% 13
Saison w/ Apricots & Brett  Shepton Mallet, England  (330ml)

Fantôme de Noël 2009 Brasserie Fantôme 10% 40
Saison  Soy-Erezée, Belgium (750ml)

Surette Provision Saison Crooked Stave 6.2% 16
Harvest Saison  Denver, Colorado  (375ml)  2 left

Brise-BonBons! Brasserie Fantôme 8% 29
Bitter Saison  Soy-Erezée, Belgium (750ml)

Boson de Higgs Hopfenstark 3.8%  22
BerlinerRauchSaison Ale  L’Assomption, Canada  (650ml)


Hefe Weiße Weissbierbrauerei Hopf 5.3% 11
Hefeweizen   Miesbach, Germany (500ml)

Blanche du Paradis Dieu du Ciel 5.5% 12
Witbier   Montreal, Canada (341ml)

Snowshoe White Midnight Sun 4.8%  9
Witbier w/ Cumin, Orange peel, & Coriander   Anchorage, Alaska  (350ml can)

Oro de Calabaza Jolly Pumpkin Artisan Ales 8%  25
Golden Ale   Dexter, Michigan  (750ml)

Cuvée St. Antoine Blond Brasserie Artisanale et Didactique du Flo 8%  25
Strong Blonde Ale   Blehen, Belgium  (750ml)

Achel Blond Extra Brouwerij der Trappistenabdij De Achelse Kluis 9.5%  28
Triple  Hamont-Achel, Belgium  (750ml)


Arctic Soirée Grassroots Brewing/Anchorage Brewing  4.5%  24
Oak Aged Ale w/ Brett, Lime Juice, & Hibiscus.   Greensboro, Vermont  (650ml)

Red Poppy 2014 The Lost Abbey 5.5%  30
Sour Brown w/ Cherries   San Diego, California  (375ml)

Echte Kriekenbier Brouwerij Verhaeghel  6.8%  11
Fruit Sour w/ Cherries   Beersel, Belgium  (330ml)

Oudbeitje Hanssens Artisanaal  6%  21
Lambic w/ Strawberries   Dworp, Belgium  (375ml)

Cascade The Vine 2012 Cascade Brewing  8.85%  42
Blended Sour Ale w/ White Wine Grapes    Portland, Oregon  (750ml)

Cascade  Apricot Ale 2012 Cascade Brewing  8.5%  42
Sour Ale w/ Apricot   Portland, Oregon  (750ml)

Cascade  Strawberry Ale 2012 Cascade Brewing  6%  42
Sour Wheat Beer w/ Strawberries   Portland, Oregon  (750ml)

Cascade  Kriek Ale 2012 Cascade Brewing  6.6%  42
Sour Red Ale w/ Cherries  Portland, Oregon  (750ml)

Peche ‘n Brett Logsdon Farmhouse Ales  10%  32
Sour Ale w/ Peach  Portland, Oregon  (750ml)

Oud Bruin Grand Teton Brewing 6%  22
Sour Brown Ale   Victor, Idaho  (750ml)

Bellegems Bruin Verhaeghe 6.2%  23
Sour Brown Ale   Bellegems, Belgium  (750ml)

Panil Barriquée Panil Birra Artigianale 8%  28
Sour Brown Ale   Torrechiara, Italy  (750ml)

Duchesse De Bourgogne Bocker 6.2%  24
Flanders Red   West-Vlaanderen, Belgium  (750ml)

Cuvee des Jacobins Rouge  Bocker 5.5%  12
Sour Red Ale   Bellegem, Belgium  (330ml)

La Roja  Jolly Pumpkin Artisan Ales 7.2%  16
Sour Red Ale   Dexter, Michigan  (375ml)

Petrus Aged Pale  Bavik-De Brabandere 7.3%  11
Sour Ale   Harelbeke, Belgium  (330ml)

Cantillon Classic Gueuze Cantillon  5%  20
Gueuze   Brussels, Belgium  (375ml)

Sans Frontière To Øl 7%  23  2 left
Belgian Ale w/ Brett Aged in White Wine Barrels  Copenhagen, Denmark  (375ml)

Green Gold Mikkeller 7.5%  22
Chardonnay Barrel Aged w/ Brett   Copenhagen, Denmark  (375ml)

Batch #60 Crooked Stave 6.7% 19
Wild Ale Dry-Hopped w/ Amarillo & Citra  Denver, Colorado  (375ml)  2 left

Tiarna Allagash 7% 21
Wild Ale Hopped w/ Hallertau & Styrian Goldings  Portland, Maine  (375ml)

Zure van Tildonk 2013 No.1 Brouwerij Hof Ten Dormaal  6%  18
Spontaneoussly Fermented Wild Ale   Tildonk, Belgium  (375ml) 3 Fonteinen 7%  14
Sour Porter   Beersel, Belgium  (330ml)

Midnight Brett Ale Allagash 7.3%  24
Sour Stout   Portland, Maine  (375ml)


Old Speckled Hen Green King 5%  9
Pub Ale   Bury St. Edmunds, England  (440ml)

Pauwel Kwak Brouwerij Bosteels 8%  15
Belgian Strong Ale   Buggenhout, Belgium  (330ml) 3 left

Kodiak Brown Midnight Sun Brewing Co.  5% 9
Brown Ale  Anchorage, Alaska (350ml can)

5 A.M. Saint Brewdog 5% 10
Amber  Aberdeenshire, Scotland  (330ml)  2 left

Bang on! Gigantic Brewing Co.  5.6% 15
ESB  Portland, Oregon (650ml)

Nissefar  Haandbryggeriet 7% 16
Smokey Old Ale  Drammen, Norway   (500ml)  2 left

Christmas Bock Mahrs Bräu 6% 16
Bock  Bamberg, Germany  (500ml) 1 left

Manneken-Penn Brasserie de la Senne 7.5%  12
Dubbel   Brussels, Belgium  (330ml)

Wild² Dubbel New Belgium Lips of Faith 8%  18
Dubble w/ Shisandra Berries   Fort Collins, Colorado  (650ml)

Game Of Thrones #3 – Fire & Blood Ommegang 6.8%  21
Red Ale  Cooperstown, New York   (750ml)

New Almaden Red Santa Clara Valley Brewing Co. 10%  15
Hoppy Red Ale  San Jose, California   (650ml)

Hoppy & Bitter

AleSmith IPA AleSmith Brewing Co.  7.5%  15
IPA   San Diego, California  (650ml)

Aooni Yo-Ho Brewing Co. 7%  11
IPA   Nagano, Japan  (350ml can)

Harvest Single Hop IPA: Yakima #291 Sierra Nevada Brewing Co. 6.5%  14
IPA   Chico, California  (650ml)

Sockeye Red Midnight Sun 5.7%  9
IPA   Anchorage, Alaska  (350ml can)

American Style Mikkeller/Prairie 7.4%  27
IPA   Copenhagen, Denmark  (750ml)

Bittersweet Lennys R.I.P.A. Shmaltz Brewing Co. 10%  10
Double IPA   Clifton Park, New York  (350ml)

Big Barrel  Karl Strauss Brewing Co. 9%  15
Double IPA   San Diego, California  (650ml)

Maharaja  Avery Brewing Co. 10.2%  18
Double IPA   Boulder, Colorado  (650ml)  3 left

Hop Craic XXXXIPA Moylan’s 10.5%  21
Double IPA   Novato, California  (650ml)

Skankin Dirty  Ska Brewing/Brash Brewing 9%  18
Double IPA   Ipswich, Massachusetts  (650ml)

Hop 15  Port Brewing Co. 10%  16
Double IPA   San Diego, California  (650ml)

Stochasticity Project Grapefruit Slam  Stone Brewing Co. 9%  16
Double IPA w/ Grapefruit Peel   San Diego, California  (650ml)  2 left

The Sinner Series: Gluttony  Amager Bryghus 9.4%  16
Double IPA   Kastrup, Denmark  (500ml)

Desert Select Hopped Rye  Moab Brewery 8.59%  14
Rye-PA   Moab, Utah  (650ml)

Bitter  MAD Beer 6.9%  27
IPA w/ Shiso   Copenhagen, Denmark (750ml)

Dernière Volonté  Dieu du Ciel 7%  12
Belgian IPA   Montreal, Canada (341ml)

Troubadour Magma S.E. 2012 Sorachi Ace The Musketeers 9%  28
Single Hop Belgian Double IPA   Ursel, Belgium  (750ml)

DevESTATEtion Sierra Nevada 6.7%  16
Black IPA   Chico, California  (750ml)

Midnight Hoppyness Knee Deep Brewing Co. 9.5%  18
Double Black Rye IPA   Auburn, California  (650ml)


Smoked Coffee Porter Brouwerij Emelisse  7.5%  13
Smoked Porter   Kamperland, Netherlands  (330ml)

Aecht Schlenkerla Rauchbier Urbock Brauerei Heller 6.5%  14
Smoked Bock   Bamberg, Germany  (500ml)

Raftman Unibroue 5.5%  21
Smoked Ale w/ Whiskey Malt   Chambly, Canada  (750ml)


Kerstmutske Christmas Nightcap Brouwerij Slaapmutske 7.4% 27
Belgian Strong Ale  Melle, Belgium  (750ml)

Lost and Found De Molen / Tired Hands 6.7% 26
Black Indian Ale w/ Brett  Bodegraven, Netherlands  (750ml)

Agave Maria Lost Abbey 12.5% 32
Tequila Barrel Aged Strong Ale  San Marcos, California (375ml)

Bourbon Little Brother The Commons Brewery 8.5% 24
BA Belgian Strong Ale  Portland, Oregon (750ml)

Blind Spot High Water Brewing 8.2%  17
Dark Specialty Ale   San Leandro, California (650ml)

Ola Dubh 18yr Harviestoun 8% 21
Highland Park Barrel Aged Old Ale  Alva, Scotland (330ml)


B.A.R.T. (Barrel Aged Really Tasty)  FiftyFifty Brewing Co.  9% 36
American Strong Ale   Truckee, California  (650ml)  1 left

Older Viscosity Port Brewing 12%  26
Bourbon Barrel Aged American Strong Ale   San Diego, California  (375ml)

Het Kapittel Watou Prior Van Eecke 9% 13
Belgian Strong Ale   Poperinge-Watou, Belgium  (330ml)

Delirium Noël Brouwerij Huyghe 10% 29
Belgian Strong Ale  Melle, Belgium  (750ml)

Delirium Tremens Brouwerij Huyghe 8.5% 14
Belgian Strong Ale  Melle, Belgium (330ml)

Tsjeeses Reserve De Struise Brouwers 10% 16
Strong Blonde Aged in Oak  Oostvleteren, Belgium  (330ml)

Shameless Santa To Øl 10% 30
Belgian Strong Ale  Copenhagen, Denmark (750ml)  1 left

Decadence 2012 AleSmith Brewing Co. 12%  30
Quadruple   San Diego, California  (750ml)

Adam (Batch 88) Hair of the Dog 10%
Traditional Ale   Portland, Oregon (350ml)

The Beer That Saved Christmas Prairie Artisan Ales 10% 22
Oak-aged Old Ale  Krebs, Oklahoma (650ml)

Copper Snow Xbeeriment 10% 12
Barley Wine  København, Denmark  (500ml)

Freudian Slip Evil Twin 10.3% 12
Barley Wine  Brooklyn, Denmark  (330ml)

Class of ’88  North Coast/Deschutes/Rogue 10% 22
Barley Wine   Fort Bragg, California (750ml)  2 left

Arctic Devil 2013  Midnight Sun Brewing Co. 13.2% 28
Barley Wine   Anchorage, Alaska (650ml)

Old Stock 2012 ‘Otsuchi’ North Coast Brewing Co. 12.5%  23
Barley Wine,  Benefits Tsunami Rebuild Otsuchi Japan   Fort Bragg , CA (750ml)

Really Dark

Kyritzer Mord und Totschlag Klosterbrauerei Neuzelle 7.2%  13
Schwarzbier   Neuzelle, Germany  (500ml)

Tokyo Black Yo-Ho Brewing Co. 5%  11
Porter   Nagano, Japan  (350ml can)

Dugges 1/2 Idjit! Dugges Ale & Porterbryggeri 7%  16
Porter   Landvetter, Sweden  (500ml)

Peralta Porter Santa Clara Valley Brewing Co. 6.2%  14
Porter   San Jose, California  (650ml)

Sea Legs Uinta–Crooked Line 8%  25
Baltic Porter   Salt Lake City, Utah  (750ml)

Jurata Coronado Brewing / Cigar City Brewing 8%  21
Baltic Porter   Coronado, California  (650ml)

Tsarina Esra 2012  Brouwerij de Molen 11%  15
Imperial Porter   Bodegraven, Netherlands  (330ml)

Imperial Doughnut Break  Evil Twin 11.5%  24
Dry-doughnuted Imperial Porter   Brooklyn, Denmark  (650ml)

Fra Til Via (From To Via) Cognac Mikkeller 8% 24
Strong Porter Aged in Cognac Barrels  Copenhagen, Denmark (375ml)  1 left

Double Chocolate Wells & Young’s 5%  9
English Stout w/ Chocolate   Bedford, England  (440ml)

Epicurean Epic Brewing Company  8%  32
Oatmeal Stout w/ Coffee & Figs   Auckland, New Zealand  (750ml)

Sless Stimulating Oatmeal Stout Iron Springs 8%  14
Sweet Stout   Fairfax,California  (650ml)  1 left

Natale Pretty Please w/ A Cherry On Top Evil Twin 11.5%  27
Biscotti Break Imperial Stout  Brooklyn, Denmark  (650ml)

Courage Russian Imperial Stout 2012 Wells & Young 10%  12
Imperial Stout  Bedford, England  (275ml)

Luchador en Fuego Clown Shoes Beer 11%  19
Wild Turkey BA Imperial Stout  Ipswich, Massachusetts  (650ml)

Liquid Confidential: BA Cognac  To Øl 12.3%  25
Imperial Stout w/ Chilis Aged in Cognac Barrels  Copenhagen, Denmark  (375ml)

Speedway Stout Alesmith 12%  26
Imperial Stout w/ Coffee   San Diego, California  (750ml)

Hr. Frederiksens Væsel Brunch Amager Bryghus/Mikkeller 10.7%  22
Imperial Stout  Kastrup, Denmark  (500ml)

Bumaye 8 Wired Brewing 16%  18
Pinot Noir BA Imperial Stout  Blenheim, New Zealand  (330ml)

Santas Little Helper Grand Marnier 2012 Mikkeller 11% 24
Strong Ale Aged in Grand Marnier Casks  Copenhagen, Denmark (375ml)

Jolly Rodger 2013 Drake’s 11.5% 17
Imperial American Black Ale  San Leandro, California (650ml)

Jule Mælk To Øl 15% 22
Sweet Stout  Copenhagen, Denmark (375ml)

Black Fist Mikkeller 26% 42
Extreme Beer  Copenhagen, Denmark (375ml)

(Reserve & Large Format Beers are served at 55 degrees, our cellars temperature)

2006 Abbaye de Saint Bon-Chien Brasserie Des Franches-Montagnes 11%  55
Barrel Aged Sour Ale   Saignelégier, Switzerland  (750ml)

2007 Abbaye de Saint Bon-Chien Brasserie Des Franches-Montagnes 11%  48
Barrel Aged Sour Ale   Saignelégier, Switzerland  (750ml)

2009 Abbaye de Saint Bon-Chien Brasserie Des Franches-Montagnes 11%  45
Barrel Aged Sour Ale   Saignelégier, Switzerland  (750ml)

2010 Abbaye de Saint Bon-Chien Brasserie Des Franches-Montagnes 11%  47
Barrel Aged Sour Ale   Saignelégier, Switzerland  (750ml)

2011 Abbaye de Saint Bon-Chien Brasserie Des Franches-Montagnes 11%  45
Barrel Aged Sour Ale   Saignelégier, Switzerland  (750ml)

2012 Abbaye de Saint Bon-Chien Brasserie Des Franches-Montagnes 11%  45
Barrel Aged Sour Ale   Saignelégier, Switzerland  (750ml)

2010 Abbaye de Saint Bon-Chien Grand Cru BFM 11%  38
Sour Ale Aged in Rhum Barrels   Saignelégier, Switzerland  (375ml)

Scaldis Prestige De Nuits Brasserie Dubuisson Frères 13%  56
Belgian Strong Dark Ale Aged in Burgundy Barrels   Pipaix, Belgium  (750ml)

Old Rasputin XII, XIV, XV North Coast Brewing 11.6%   36, 34, 32
Bourbon Barrel-aged Russian Imperial Stout   Fort Bragg, California  (500ml)

Cuvee de Tomme 2013 The Lost Abbey 11.5%  36
Sour Brown w/ Sour Cherries   San Diego, California  (375ml)

Deliverance 2014 The Lost Abbey 12.5%   30
Bourbon/Brandy Barrel-Aged Strong Dark Ale   San Diego, California  (375ml)

Black Damnation I – Black Berry Albert De Struise Brouwers 13%   53
Port BA Imperial Stout w/ Blackberries  Oostvleteren, Belgium  (750ml)

Black Damnation II – Mocha Bomb De Struise Brouwers 12%   51
BA Imperial Stout w/ Coffee  Oostvleteren, Belgium  (750ml)

Black Damnation XII – Nuptiale A2 De Struise Brouwers 13%   53
Rum BA Imperial Stout w/ Peaches  Oostvleteren, Belgium  (750ml)

Eclipse – Elijah Craig 12 Year Barrel FiftyFifty Brewing Co.  10% 42
Imperial Stout   Truckee, California  (650ml)

Eclipse – Four Roses Single Barrel FiftyFifty Brewing Co.  10% 42
Imperial Stout   Truckee, California  (650ml)

Eclipse – High West Rye Barrel  FiftyFifty Brewing Co.  10% 40
Imperial Stout   Truckee, California  (650ml)

Eclipse – High West Bourbon Barrel FiftyFifty Brewing Co.  10% 40
Imperial Stout   Truckee, California  (650ml)

Eclipse – 18 Year Rum Barrel FiftyFifty Brewing Co.  10% 48
Imperial Stout   Truckee, California  (650ml)

The Bruery

Mischief Gone Wild The Bruery 9%  37
Belgian-Style Golden Ale w/ Hops & Brett  Placentia, California  (750ml)

Sour in the Rye The Bruery 8.8%  45
American Wild Rye Ale   Placentia, California  (750ml)

Oude Tart The Bruery 7.5%  45
Flemish Red   Placentia, California  (750ml)

Windowsill The Bruery 10.5%  45
Wild Ale w/ Rhubarb & Raspberry  Placentia, California  (750ml)

Ichigo Highway The Bruery / Hangar 24  5.5%  45
Wild Ale w/ Strawberries   Placentia, California  (750ml)

Loakal Red The Bruery 6.9%  30
American Red Ale   Placentia, California  (750ml)

Batch #1000: Bryeian The Bruery 7%  45
Black IPA   Placentia, California  (750ml)

Provisions Series: Chocosaurus Rye The Bruery/Bootlegger’s 7%  37
Dark Rye Lager w/ Cacoa Nibs   Placentia, California  (750ml)

Provisions Series: Burly Gourd The Bruery 6.66%  40
Milk Stout w/ Pumpkin & Aged on Cedar Chips   Placentia, California  (750ml)

Acer Quercus The Bruery/ Lawson’s Finest Liquids 9%  45
Strong Ale w/ Maple Syrup & Smoked Malt   Placentia, California  (750ml)

Provisions Series: A Stein’s Throw The Bruery / Taps 8.5%  39
American Strong Ale   Placentia, California  (750ml)

White Oak The Bruery 12%  42
Wheat Wine  Placentia, California  (750ml)

Melange #3 The Bruery 15%  65
Blend of White Oak Sap, Black Tuesday & Papier   Placentia, California  (750ml)

5 Golden Rings The Bruery 11% 30
Belgian Strong Ale w/ Spices  Placentia, California (750ml)

4 Calling Birds The Bruery 11% 30
Belgian Strong Ale w/ Spices  Placentia, California (750ml)

3 French Hens The Bruery 10% 27
Belgian Strong Ale Aged in Oak  Placentia, California (750ml)

Large Format

Double Bastard Ale 2011 Stone Brewing Co. 10.5%   140
American Strong Ale   Escondido, California  (3 liter)

Double Bastard Ale 2012 Stone Brewing Co. 11.2%   130
American Strong Ale   Escondido, California  (3 liter)