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Fat Angel is Open!

As I sit at the bar on a Friday night at 2am, after everyone’s gone, the floors swept, the last rack of dishes clean, I can’t help but think that the opening of FA last week was a complete miracle. More than one customer has mentioned that from the looks of things 2 weeks ago […]

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The fat angel has taken her spot in the lights. A fitting home for our special baby. 

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Finished product. Looks really good

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New Bohemia Signs putting the finishing gold leaf touches on our front door logo.  

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Some friends helping with the final touches for FA's February 1st opening.  Tin ceiling is getting a well deserved rub down 

Final Touches

We’re nearing the end of what’s proven to be a very challenging 2 years. We knew the minute we signed up to open an eating and drinking establishment in SF that we hopped in a boat sailing up-river, against prevailing winds, using a hanky for a sail. In most instances, the pitfalls we thought were […]

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Preparing the storefront for next weeks awning and Angel Box install. All starting to come together albeit 3 months behind. We're hoping next week will be the final push for the finish line.  We're shooting for 3 weeks until we open.  Pulling Wall construction kicking an screaming all the way there. -jk  

More improvements

I’m not going to spoil this one. J and I are working on another improvement to our bar. Here’s a glimpse of what’s to come. J “the mad scientist” Kirmse working our project with only reclaimed materials. Keep the WORLD GREEN people.

Did someone order a metal frame?

It’s amazing how these guys can move such a large piece of metal that weighs nearly half a ton, and they’re only working with inches between a wall and a car. Here’s a couple of shots and videos of the box frame. The box arrives. It still needs to be painted. The easy part is […]

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Angel frame has arrived. 1000 lbs. We're praying it fits

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