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Fat Angel was born out of a passion for The Fillmore District. We are a casual wine bar and cafe that serves comforting food and drink to the community. We offer a handpicked, eclectic mix of wine and beer that spans the globe, focusing on regions and producers that offer exceptional value and quality. Our restaurant was built with reclaimed, repurposed, and recycled materials from around San Francisco. This creates an intimate, old world environment, perfect for hanging out with friends, drinking a glass of wine, and eating a nourishing meal. Fat Angel's mission is to become The Fillmore's benchmark in food, service, price, & atmosphere.

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Wood floor just about done. The 80 year old knotty pine likes its new home and final resting place. If those boards could talk!

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The great white wall has dropped. She's coming together!

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Bar top made of Bianco Carrera marble. Installed this morning. The pace is picking up

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Wood floor going in. Finally!

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Top photo is one of two pieces of our "Angel Frame" being fabricated out of galvenized steal.   Should look killer once completed. 

Bottom shot is our 23 foot awning. Mine as well be a sailboat mast. 

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By the looks of this kitchen you'd think we had some clue what we were doing.  Almost there! 

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Storefront going in today 

Sprinklers ep.2

Below are some before and after pictures the sprinkler system.

Close up of a new sprinkler.
These are some before pictures.

And here are some of the after pictures. Wow, we feel safer already. Can we have a discount of our insurance?

Sprinklers ep.1

So our sprinkler heads are being relocated somewhere in our space. Finally.

This is the machine for the job. This is a threader. It cuts the threads into pipes, so you can piece them together. Without this, sprinklers will not exist.

These are the boys to do it. Left is Judah, and Victor on the right.

The boys working on the machine to get it setup for the job.

And out goes the machine. Darn thing started up for about 15 seconds, got everyone excited, and then blew smoke in our face. What a piece of cr@p.

Now, this is a machine. The big sister.

This gal fired right up and started working.

Coming up next are some before pictures of the sprinklers.

Another Week Closer

Since last we spoke, Fat Angel has officially gone plaid. Great Wall Construction–our esteemed contractor–has officially lost the Great moniker and is now called Wall Construction. What a month it’s been. Man, words can’t describe the inefficiencies and neglect we’ve witnessed from the people we’ve hired to execute a simple project. Last week officially marked our two month over schedule anniversary. Wall Construction started strong and has since turned into a limp excuse for a construction company. Obviously our time should be spent dialing in our menu, filling in the design holes, or putting together some marketing, however this past month has been all about dragging our contractor to the finish line.

I jest not, Cyrick and I have placed a saddle on our contractor, put a bit in his mouth, and a yoke on his shoulders. Of course we play Good Cop Bad Cop (Jason bad Cyrick good, played naturally), so I get to turn bright red and express my feelings while Cyrick mops up whatever damage I’ve left. We’ve decided that our next project is going to be done solely by us, no one else, we’ll save the money, heartache, and time involved in hiring “professionals”. There was a moment last week when I became the smartest guy in the room. First time in my life, I looked around the room at the people surrounding me and said, “Wow, this is it, these people are morons, they are not masters of their craft, I’m embarrassed for them”. I guess if people did what they say they would, for the price agreed, and the time frame specified, there wouldn’t be much to concern ourselves with, however the exact opposite has happened and frankly we’re over it.

The 80/20 rule has yet again proven to be the template by which everything is measured.

From the looks of things, and giving a conservative estimate as to when we’ll be open, the middle of next month looks like a safe bet. However, I’ve been saying three weeks for 2 months so nothings written in stone.

Here are some recent photos to timeline what’s been going on….

1) Part of our storefront, roughly 375lbs of wood and glass. Took 5 guys to lift and maneuver it into place. 2) Painting the kitchen floor.

1) Sifu #3 giving his 2 cents on EVERYTHING. Guy doesn’t shut up. He spends more time arguing with the other workers on “how it should be done” than actually getting it done.

1) Wow, 250lb keg cooler being installed. Almost knocked down the bar wall getting it into place. She’s a peach, though, a Continental 3-door keg cooler that will soon have a 6 faucet brass mushroom beer tower attached. 2) shot of the bar.

1) Sifu #2 prepping our newel post. This post will anchor our bar. Where the two pieces of marble intersect, the post will bisect both pieces. 2) Robert positioning our back bar cooler.

1) Cyrick with half a broom. 2) Kitchen window we’ve decided to close off. We’re going to place a large mirror in front of this hole as it faces the bathroom. Our smart overpaid architect thought it a good idea to have a huge window connecting the bathroom and the kitchen. So when you walk out of the john, you and the cook can lock eyes and have a moment together.

1) The top of our bar has a killer set of brass pipes from an old church organ.

1) Some local neighborhood people striking a pose with the pipes. 2) A shot of our storefront.

1) My buddy Dave Campbell came into town and lent a hand building the organ feature of Fat Angel. 2) Behind our bar. Cyrick and I tiled the bar and sealed the floor, giving our contractor a needed hand.

1) The kitchen!!! Looks good, no? 2) Fridge, prep sink, 3-bin sink, dishwasher.

1) Plumbers piecing together everything,

1) Office 2) Office door, “choir”

1) Our WAY overpriced sprinkler head. Straight-up robbery.

1) Sifu #1 & #2 putting together the wainscot 2) The white carrera marble going on our bar top

1) shot of the bar. 2) Our storefront before going in.

This is crunch time…..stick with us….should be open within the first few weeks of the new year….we hope:)


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